Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight with Garcinia Cambogia

It has been several years now since the world was told how "awful" carbohydrates are for the body and how they cause weight gain. The truth is low-carb diets only promote short-term weight loss and do more harm to the body than good. There is no substantial evidence that removing carbohydrates from the diet leads to any health benefits.

In fact, carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy for the body and all its functions. Carbs are not only found in bread; there are carbohydrates in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other foods that the body needs to promote healthy living.
It is Dangerous to cut Carbs from the Diet
Low-Carb diets are dangerous to one’s health. Carbs are not the enemy. The appropriate amounts of carbohydrates in the body actual help it to function better because so many organs require the nutrients that carbs bring in.

Along with a proper diet and Garcinia Cambogia supplements, carbs do not need to be restricted from the diet in order to lose weight. Carbohydrates promote weight loss and management when the correct types and amounts are ingested.

Carbohydrates and Garcinia Cambogia
Garcinia Cambogia supplements that contain at least 50% HCA in them have what the body needs for weight loss. HCA is the extract found in the Garcinia Cambogia fruit that helps to boost carbohydrate oxidation. By introducing Garcinia Cambogia, carbs that are not used by the body for energy are burned off via HCA before they can be turned into fat. Essentially, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) is a fat-burning supplement, making it an exciting, all-natural weight loss pill and appetite suppressant.
How to Eat Carbs and Lose Weight with Garcinia Cambogia (HCA)
Since carbohydrates are an essential source of energy for the body, it is necessary to eat the right foods daily. The body needs energy in order to boost metabolism and lose weight. In essence, not eating carbohydrates would have a counter-productive effect on weight loss.

Keep in mind that when adding Garcinia Cambogia as a daily supplement, any excess carbs get burned off. Even with these facts in mind, everything needs to be done in moderation. One cannot expect to binge on carbs and lose weight, but knowing the right carbs and how much to eat is the key to weight loss with Garcinia Cambogia (HCA).
Carbs that Should be in the Daily Diet:
• Fresh fruits

• Vegetables

• Whole grain breads

• Beans

• Full fat dairy products
Carbs that Should Not be in the Daily Diet (or should be extremely limited):

• Sugary fruit juices

• Refined and processed white flour products

• White rice

• Potatoes

• Fried anything – this includes vegetables

(Believe it or not, fried veggie baskets smothered in ranch dressing do not count as a serving of vegetables and dairy – gasp!)
If an individual wants to successfully diet and lose weight, sugars need to be eliminated from the diet, including sodas. Sugary foods are just empty calories that can be better utilized by eating other foods that give the body nutrients. In fact, a second serving of pasta would truly be better for the body than having a sugary dessert.

The best news for dieters these days is that there does not have to be a starvation method followed for weight loss, when it is done properly. Taking a natural weight loss supplement like Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent way to begin promoting a healthy lifestyle while still eating many foods that everyone knows and loves.
The proper Formula and Dosage
Remember, Garcinia Cambogia supplements must contain at least 50% HCA extract in order to be effective for weight loss. In addition, the label must also read at least 33% mg of potassium with calcium. These are two necessary nutrients for proper body function and weight loss.

The recommended dose will be on the label, but it is typically between 500-1000mg. Each dose should be taken 30-60 minutes before eating a meal. This ensures the capsules have had time to digest, and the HCA can get into the body and do its job.

Garcinia Cambogia is Safe
The Garcinia Cambogia fruit has been around for centuries and can be found in many Asian dishes including curries and chutney’s, making it extremely safe for ingestion. Taking Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) is one of the best ways naturally to burn off excess carbohydrates and still be able to eat healthy without a lot of sacrifice. In fact, Garcinia Cambogia supplements are so safe and effective that Dr. Oz endorses the use of them for weight loss along with proper diet and exercise.

Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent way to boost the body’s natural functions, resulting in a greater amount of weight loss in a shorter period of time. Also, because it is safe and all-natural, it can become a regular supplement used daily. Dieters taking Garcinia have reported losing 1-3 pounds per week when taking it as a daily supplement and no significant changes in diet.

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